Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day Six: Zen Master

Well, just as I commit to one awesome thing, another awesome thing beats down my door.

Day six was a low-calorie wonderland because I got my hands on something so exciting I forgot to eat. Just a little. This appetite is impossible to ignore so I really only ended up on the 1750 side of things and all great food. Cravings for sweets at a low today.

Today's Poll: How did your cravings for sweets change from before being pregnant, during and after? I had surprising bouts of zen master no sugar while pregnant. What was that?

So, the awesome thing: Trying to meet a deadline for a writing fellowship. This will be the reason for short and spotty posting for a few days until it's done. I've set myself an inhumane goal and I intend to inure myself stylishly trying to make it. By May 3rd I will be finished. Wish me luck!

As for the diet until then. Brain food.


Whole Grain Cereal w/soy milk
Evening Primrose Oil

Still just walking when I can. The sun is out. Today will see another. My only break. Looking forward to Thursday weigh in to see what needs adjusting.



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