Sunday, April 24, 2011

Day Five: Jesus Eggs

3 Things you should know about maximizing your time/workout
1. During a resistance workout you get the large majority of your muscle tearing in your first set of reps.
2. Jumping back and forth between cardio and resistance can significantly boost your calorie burn during a workout.
3. Your body metabolizes/burns calories after you're done with you're workout. The burn after a resistance workout is much longer than the burn after a cardio workout.

3 Things you should just know

1. Buy this book, here. It rules, it is an incredible reference. I used it everyday until eventually memorizing it. 

2. Despite the reputation of postpartum weight loss, a large percentage of woman actually become smaller than their pre-pregnancy weight/size in the year after their baby is born.

3. You're beautiful.

Our baby pooped up his own back in the car as the ferry was almost pulling into terminal.
I ate good menu @ approx. 1600 calories so far and a few more to come, in the for of crap, two hours before bed. Last night my husband came up with a very disturbing voice he is now using in conversation. It's called the "do you like fruit salad?" voice. I took a 35 minute walk with the baby in the Bjorn. That was good. Gotta do it again tomorrow. However, dereliction of duty; I still haven't taken measurements. But, Thursday deadline, Thursday weigh-in.

Strangers with candy,


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