Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day Seven: Happiness & Metabolism

Today's Question:
Can you burn off 1000 calories in a day, just typing?

Today's possible answer:
Hopefully. Cuz, that's what I'll be doing for the next 6 days to make a fellowship deadline that I'm trying for. Part physical exertion, part mental toil to write something worth reading (facial and ever-important butt muscles), and part pure enjoyment of the moment. (Some butt muscles also required.) Being in the moment burns calories right? I THINK it does. The science isn't in but most people if you ask them may feel as if they've lost more weight when they were busy and not paying attention to losing it. Just simply happy and uninterested in filling the void, because there was no void to fill. Hmmm. Interesting. So the only thing would be, what is it that makes you happy enough to just exist in the moment...???

Speaking of the void, you don't even wanna know what I ate yesterday. It is neither cute nor helpful. Without naming any names, let's just say it may or may not have had something to do with mostly brown food. What do we know about brown food? It's almost never lowfat and almost certainly robs your fiber stores blind like a gang of teenage south seas pirates; no effin prisoners. And of course, it often tastes like a million bucks. Tuesday was brown food day. Today is brown food memorial as I can afford no more negligence if Thursday weigh in is to be more than hollow sham. A few more days of straight typing means less time for walking, which means less brown food, more green food. Capice? Capice.

So naturally, Todays Featured Nutrient: Your friend, FIBER. Why is fiber so damn good for you and an absolute essential if you're trying to lose weight? Atkins mourners, listen up! (a note: i do not normally reference Web MD, i'm just in a hurry and what they say is true and 87% of the fiber story.) -

With that, I gotta roll into screenplay land with this here baby on my lap.



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