Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day One: Changing Rooms & C-Sections


170 something pounds.

I'm drinking a beer. A Scotch ale to be specific. I'm told it will help boost my milk supply and I'm not complaining.

My husband and I are scanning Netflix after a medium-sized day out with our nearly seven week old little boy Oskar. The day included an inspiring trip to a large/chain/conglomerate/scare-tactic department store, which included a brief unplanned trip into the changing room, which included an abusive exchange with the changing room's full-length mirror/electron microscope. I was planning to begin my workouts again soon but the day hadn't officially been set until the all-too-familiar moment of pondering the unfairness in the mirror of wherever you may be. That day would be today. 

As someone who has spent a great deal of time contemplating the body and its health, my official position is that one must love one's self, inside and out and that partnership with the body is the basis for happiness and for any healthy and successful change. That said, the journey in and out of shape can be a hellish one. Will is required. Choice takes on new meaning. Failure feels eminent. The only reason I will be getting back on this horse so zealously is that I have done it before and am trying to remind myself I can do it again. I can follow my own advice.

There are so many considerations when it comes to losing weight after your baby is born. How was the birth? How are you healing? Are you breastfeeding? Do you have any other health considerations as a result of pregnancy? What does your doctor say? It's unlike any other time in the life of your body and any regimens you begin now should be taken on with a great deal of caution. I assumed, being a trainer, that I would have a fit pregnancy and most likely not have a huge project ahead of me to lose the weight. Perhaps breastfeeding alone would shed quite a few of the extra pounds. No such luck. I had respiration problems from the beginning, such that I could barely walk a block without getting out of breath. This and other issues changed the game for me early on and made me wonder how my body would recoup after the blessed event with so little exercise during those 10 months. As if to punctuate the unexpected workload, we ended up needing a c-section, my son and I, and this brings about its own delay, healing and special care. So, proving the old rule there are many different kinds of pregnancy experiences I want prove again, though things may slow us down, they cannot stop us.

So, the idea: This blog will act as MY coach. My accountability will be to you, blog. And you, readers, if you do exist. Everyday, sucky or not, I will spit the successes and fubars. Disclose the numbers and figures. The truth, the tips and secrets that shouldn't be secrets. Follow along, day by day, use it, see if it works for you, if you wish - it will be thorough. But for goodness sake, by no means am I a doctor and what I choose to do, I am simply sharing. I am not suggesting or prescribing or any other coercion that requires a disclaimer or a medical credential. Also remember that diet and exercise programs should be initiated under physician supervision, especially if you have any health concerns to begin with.

Enough with that stuff. Ahem. Beer is empty. Water is in the glass. I will attempt to get as much sleep as a new mother can. Tomorrow, the details. Measurements, exact weight, food plan, fitness goals. Attitude adjustment. Pep talk. And perhaps....a walk.



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  1. o, i gotta tell you, this is great stuff!!! hilariously candid (i laughed out loud about the electron microscope!) and super promising on the forgotten hope revival front! i cant wait for more!