Sunday, April 24, 2011

Day Four: Your Inner Butt Child

Today's Advice: The subject of loving your butt came up today.  "No matter what, butt." I encourage my clients to love their butts. And sometimes that's tough love. Imagine. Open your heart. Help your inner butt match your outer butt.

Today's Featured Suppliment: Probiotics: It's Ambrosia for your butt brain. Balance your flora and fight off depression, increase your metabolism and lengthen your life. No joke.  I've got some articles around here somwhere, I will share soon.

On the road today, family visits, etcetera and that means baked goods. And some lucky bacon.  Sigh. WAY off the wagon.  I may not have furthered the cause today but we DID go to the beach and what's good for the mind is good for the body.

the truth:
duck egg n bacon n muffin (mad face)
oatmeal choc chip cookie (mad face)
roasted pork sandwich
baked potato
flank steak
homemade bread
olives nicoise
oatmeal choc chip cookie (mad face)
beer see what I mean.

To make up for it I'd like to share my Top Five Tricks to get yourself back into the gym:

1. Plan three days at the gym for the following week and no further. Keep those plans no matter what, prioritise those plans. 
2. Then, on those days go and work out for 20 minutes only and then leave. Keep it tight. 20 minutes only. Plan anew each week, adding 5-10 minutes each week.
3. Plan your workout around your favorite show and watch it at the gym on the elliptical,  then leave as soon as you're done.
4. Start your workouts by working out only as long as it takes to read one long chapter and then leave the gym forthwith.  Do this for two weeks, 3 times per week and then add a second chapter.
5. Get a gym buddy to start with you.  They meet you there and hold you accountable for your workout.

Sleep of the just,

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