Monday, November 21, 2011

Time Machine Mishap

Date: November 21st
Time: Almost 10:00 pm
Number of months passed since my last post: 7
Pounds lost since first attempts: 0
Weight: 170 something
Exercise: Hot yoga, walking

I'd just like to say that attempting to lose baby weight within a month or two of having a baby is a very stupid idea. I don't know who would do such a thing. (Myself) Unless you are complete with nanny, numerous cars, deep pockets, a screamin' bad body image problem/ocd motivation and a relatively easy birth, give it some time. I had none of these things.

I do however have a nut job for a son. He is the sweetest thing i've ever seen and my motivation for keeping habits that make me feel good and keep me healthy.


HOW? Breast feeding, hot yoga, walking, some diet maneuvers and staying busy.

SO THEN, WHY have I lost no actual pounds??? The jury's still out. In all my experience I've never had a client with such a disparate result. So, sleuth is on the job to find out how it is i can look so different, wear a different size and still weigh the same? I know what you're thinking, MUSCLE, right? It must have all converted. I assure you, my convertible top is up, it's raining here in Seattle and I've only put on a bit more of the lean stuff. There is much dark matter still to account for. Scientists are standing by.

Love and hope in transit,


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